International Hour – Taiwan

On February 2, we welcomed two students from Taiwan; Mr. Tzeng Huan Yuan and Mr. Lai Chun Yu from Taipei Medical University as presenters of the 47th International Hour.
Both students gave very impressive presentations.
We got to know that Mr. Tzeng Huan Yuan is a huge fan of Japan and he has visited Japan many times, traveling by bicycle or studying as an exchange student.

Mr. Tzeng Huan Yuan

It was also interesting to know that Mr. Lai Chun Yu is a very active person and he has many experiences of studying abroad. To conclude, he gave a word of encouragement ‘Don’t be too afraid and go for it’ for the students who attended, which was very impressive.

Mr. Lai Chun Yu

After this, two presenters were given many questions.

We really had a good time. Thank you, Taiwanese students!