International Hour – Korea

On January 24 we welcomed three students from Korea; Mr. Chae Yoonsoo and Mr. Hwang Hyungjoo from Gyeongsang National University and Mr. Kim Jaeheon from Kyungpook National University as presenters of the 46th International Hour.

Mr. Chae Yoonsoo introduced many aspects of Korea, including sightseeing spots and food/drink culture of Korea with beautiful pictures.

Mr. Hwang Hyungjoo introduced Korea by contrasting nature and city with another beautiful pictures. He also introduced Korea’s GNU Hospitals, among which he focused on Changwon GNU hospital which was just built in last year (2016).

Mr. Kim Jaeheon introduced the life of medical students and what clinical electives are like in Kyungpook National University. The presentation was helpful and sometimes humorous that participants nodded their heads with smile.

We enjoyed all the presentations through which we learned a lot. After the presentation there was a time for conversation where presenters and participants talked over snack and drinks.