Feb. 2 (Thur) International Hour

International Relations Office is hosting the International Hour to welcome international students as speakers and share students’ knowledge of the cultural backgrounds of their individual countries.

On February 2, we welcome two exchange students from Taiwan; Mr. Lai, Chun-Yu and Mr. Tzeng, Huan-Yuan from Taipei Medical University as presenters of 47th International Hour.  Title of their presentation is ‘Walk as far as you can’.

Mr. Lai, Chun-Yu already started his clinical electives on 16th this week and Mr. Tzeng, Huan-Yuan is coming to our school of medicine on 23rd next week. They will talk about Taiwan including medical students’ life in Taiwan or difference between Taiwanese and Japanese hospitals. How interesting! Let’s participate the International Hour. Questions will be welcomed. We look forward to meeting you!

47th International Hour
• Date/Time: Thursday, February 2, 2017 12:00~13:00
• Venue:   AD1-206 (Medium Conference Room), 1F Administration Building, Graduate School of Medicine

Admission is Free. Snacks and Beverages will be served. We look forward to meeting you!