International Hour – Finland

On November 15th, we welcomed Mr. Lauri Saramies from Finland as a presenter of the 45th International Hour.

Mr. Saramies is the first exchange student from University of Eastern Finland.
He started his clinical clerkship at School of Medicine, Hokkaido University on October 3rd and is at present (Nov.15th) learning at Laboratory of Orthopedic Surgery.


Through the presentation, Mr. Saramies introduced this and that about Finland, including history, nature, industries, school system, how people spend their holidays such as Christmas, and how children will grow up through nurseries, schools, universities and army system.
He pointed out that teachers are respected by both students and parents, and they instruct students with full responsibilities.
What was interesting was that Finish children learn, through the education, to respect and help each other rather than to compete each other or abandon someone who can’t do. This comment seemed to sound fresh to the listeners.



Thank you, Mr. Saramies! We had a good time.