International Hour – Thailand

On Aril 12th, we welcomed three exchange students from Thailand; Mr. Kontee Wongseree, Ms. Nattamon Sampattanavorachai, and Mr. Chirath Chiravichitchai as presenters of the 41st International Hour.

Three exchange students are year-3 medical students from Mihidol University and engaged in their research electives at the school of medicine from April 4th through April 14th.

international hour 2016412-1

(left to right)  Mr. Chirath Chiravichitchai, Ms. Nattamon Sampattanavorachai, and Mr. Kontee Wongseree

international hour 2016412-2

They gave a very interesting and informative presentations on Thailand including its culture, food and language.

international hour 2016412-3

We had a good time! Thank you Thai students!