International Hour – Singapore

On May 17th, we welcomed two exchange students from Singapore; Mr. Quek Xin Ern Nathaniel and Mr. Joshua Liew Tze Leon as presenters of the 42nd International Hour.

They are from National University of Singapore, and engaged in their research electives at the school of medicine from May 9th through May 20th.

international hour 2016517-1

(left to right)  Mr. Quek Xin Ern Nathaniel and Mr. Joshua Liew Tze Leon

Topics were interesting and informative throughout the presentation. We learned Singapore’s recommended cuisine, history, how the economy has been growing, their unique mixed-race culture, medical care system, etc.

international hour 2016517-3

Mr. Joshua Liew Tze Leon introducing army system in Singapore

international hour 2016517-4 international hour 2016517-4-2


Mr. Quek Xin Ern Nathanie explaining how the housing has been changing

international hour 2016517-2

Participants listening with great interest

We had a good time! Thank you Singapore students! smile