Student Stories: Study Abroad Seminar – Taipei

Taiwan is only several hours away from Japan by flight, and Taipei Medical University is located in the heart of its capital close to a famous landmark skyscraper – Taipei 101. This year Hokkaido University sent three medical students to Taipei Medical University to participate in the clerkship program for the first time, also we welcomed a student from Taipei Medical University. Last week, two speakers from Taipei Medical University and Hokkaido University shared their study abroad experiences with us.


Yi-Cheng Ting is a 7th-year medical student from Taipei Medical University with extensive study abroad experiences including France, Turkey and Japan. He is not afraid of exposing himself to the new environment, culture & customs, and learned and enjoyed mingling with many people from different countries.

Yi-Cheng also is an accomplished magician! Magic is the universal language. With his upbeat and positive attitude plus magic skills, both kids & adults will gravitate toward him no matter where he would work as a pediatrician.

It was the first time for Yi-Cheng Ting to come to Japan. While he was in Sapporo, we had season’s first snow. We wish he was able to achieve more than he had expected also had a great time in Japan!


mioMio Shibata, 6th-year medical student at Hokkaido University, participated in 2 week clerkship program at Taipei Medical University in June 2015. While Mio had a hard time dealing with the heat and humidity there, she was touched by the warmth and kindness of Taiwanese people. And delicious Taiwanese cuisine at an affordable price was sheer delight.

We learned some interesting facts about Taiwan from Mio. Did you know that obesity is a serious problem in Taiwan?  Perhaps, more serious than other countries in Asia. Did you know that the university hospital opens at night? Convenient that business people can visit doctors after hours.

Mio also shared lots of useful information for students who will participate in the clerkship programs at TMU in the future. “Prospective exchange students to Taipei” will be benefited from her attentive observation.  Thank you so much!


Many studied abroad tell that they had life-changing as well as most rewarding experiences. We sincerely thank both speakers for telling us advantages we could reap from studying abroad. Be open minded and respectful – that’s the key to the fun and successful study abroad experiences.

For I assure you, without travel, at least for people from the arts and sciences, one is a miserable creature!. — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart —