International Hour – Papua New Guinea

We have welcomed Conscilliah Rhombohl Menda, 2nd Year Master’s Student at Graduate School of Medicine, as a presenter of the 40th International Hour.



Conscilliah enrolled in the Graduate School of Medicine in October 2013, studied in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology for two years. She is graduating this September, and we were lucky to book her to make a presentation on her home country – Papua New Guinea.


Amazing animals


As we learn a little by little about Papua New Guinea, we have to realize how different Papua New Guinea and its people are from us, Japan and Japanese despite that Papua New Guinea is a part of Oceania, not that far from Japan.

Papua New Guinea consists of over 600 islands. The country is rich with the beautiful nature remain untouched, with unbelievable animals, birds and fish, and cultural diversity.


Striking mask culture



Looking at pictures of festivals, we must be amazed by different tribes displaying their unique culture and styles – costumes, masks, dances, colours and sounds.

It might be something to do with hospitable and fun-loving nature of Papua New Guineans.



Congratulations Conscilliah on receiving Master’s Degree.  We will miss your killer smile 😀

papua guys

Thank you very much, Conscilliah!