International Hour – Philippines

We have welcomed students from De La Salle University, Philippines, as presenters of the 39th International Hour on July 31. Thanks to Lorenzo & Tiffany, and their fellow students, we enjoyed a colorful and entertaining presentation on Philippines, about its History, Culture & A lot, lot more!


Lorenzo (left) and Tiffany


What do we know about Philippines? It’s not very far from Japan – only 3000km. History? The Philippines has been colonized three times by Spain, America & Japan. Culture? It is Halo-Halo! Halo-Halo, as you may know, is a popular Filipino dessert made of crushed ice, and Halo-Halo literally means Mix-Mix and is a good metaphor of the Filipino Culture.


Key word is Halo-Halo


Did you know Filipinos love to eat, and eat rice everyday? There could be some influence from Japan, although it is hard for Japanese to imagine cooking rice with milk & sugar!


Filipinos are known as sociable and hospitable, and optimistic :)

It was a great opportunity for us to witness this! We wish we have some of their cheerful genes implanted on us!


Thank you again for presenters and everyone participated.

39th dance

Let’s Dance Itik-itik ♪

It’s more fun in Philippines!