Serving the underserved: Lecture by Dr. Shinji Kimura

The last lecture of Medical English Practice course in the first semester was delivered by Dr. Shinji Kimura, Director at Matsumae Town Hospital.

Matsumakimurasenseie is a small town famous for Matsumae castle and beautiful cherry blossoms.

Dr. Kimura was inspired to become a country doctor when he was a medical student in Sapporo, and became one. Before becoming a country doctor, Dr. Kimura practiced medicine many years outside Hokkaido and in USA. It is why his English is flawless. Dr. Kimura had a rewarding professional life abroad but returned to Hokkaido to finally become a country doctor.

Dr. Kimura is committed to bringing health care to the underserved. There is need for physicians in rural areas, and being in the country has a lot to offer both personally and professionally.


Story told by Dr. Kimura, we believe was inspiring as well as informative to everyone, whether or not you want to become a “country doctor”. As future doctors, you all likely spend some time working in a rural area, whether it be for a week, a year or a lifetime. So it is always a good idea to know what to expect before you get there!


Kimura sensei, Thank you very much for the great lecture and encouraging messages to medical students of Hokkaido University!